Ride-on Audi TT RS black 12V


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    1. The vehicle does not run

    The battery may low on power

    After each use, or once a month minimum, charge the battery. Do not leave the battery on the charger for more than 15 hours.

    Thermal fuse has tripped
    The vehicle is equipped with a self-resetting fuse. When the vehicle is overloaded or operated incorrectly; the self-resetting  fuse will be cut off for 5 - 20 seconds before becoming operational again. The self-resetting fuse is under the seat cut off the power, follow these guidelines:
    DO NOT overload the vehicle, Maximum weight allowed: 30 kg
    DO NOT tow anything behind the vehicle.
    DO NOT drive up steep slopes.
    DO NOT drive into fixed objects, which may cause the wheels to spin, causing the motor to overheat.
    DO NOT drive in very hot weather, components may overheat.
    DO NOT tamper with the electric system, Doing so may create a short circuit, causing the fuse to trip.

    Wheel nuts are loose
    If the nuts are not tight, the wheels will not engage the forward gears. Tighten the nut with the nut wrench.

    Battery connector or wires are loose
    Make Sure the battery connectors are firmly plugged in to each other.

    Battery is dead
    Have you properly maintained the battery according to the directions? Is the battery old?  Your battery may need to be replaced.

    Electric system is damaged
    Water may have corroded the system, or loose dirt, gravel or sand might have jammed the switch.

    Motor is damaged
    The motor needs professional repair.

    2. The battery will not recharge

    Battery connector or adapter connector is loose

    Make sure the battery connector and adapter connector are firmly plugged together.

    Charger is not plugged in
    Make sure the charger is plugged into the wall outlet and the power flow to the outlet is on.

    Charger is not working
    Is the charger warm while charging? If not, the charger may.

    3. The vehicle does not run very long

    Battery may be undercharged.
    You may not be charging the battery long enough. After each use, or once a month minimum, charge the battery. Do not leave the battery on the charger for more than 15 hours.

    Battery is old
    The battery will eventually lose the ability to hold a charge. Depending on the amount of use, 
    and varying conditions, the battery should operate for one to three years. Replace the battery with a new one.

    4. Battery buzzes or gurgles when charging
    This is normal and not a cause for concern. It may also be silent when charging, which is also normal.

    5. Charger feels warm when recharging battery
    This is normal and not a cause for concern.

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