Battery Law Notices

It comes withbatteriescan be located.Therefore, we wouldpoint outin connection withthe sale of batteriesand rechargeable batteriesto thebattery regulationandthusto the following:

Thebattery regulationrequires allend consumer, batteries and accumulators,the wastemust be disposedexclusivelyon tradeorthespecially provided collection(statutory obligation to return).Disposal in the householdgarbage is prohibited.You canleavethebatteriesin municipalcollection sitesfree on site.Purchased by usor rechargeable batteries, you canalso returnto our business addressafter use.

Batteries containingpollutantsare marked withthe symbol of acrossed out wheelie bin.Both indicatorsshown belowhavethe same meaning.Thedecision as to whichcharacter is usedfor markingmeetstheobligor.

Under thedustbinisthe chemicalname of the pollutantused.belowfor examples.

Cd =contains cadmium
Hg =mercurycontaining
Pb =contains plumb