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Average construction

Average driving time/Flight time

Average charging duration

Average charging duration via USB

Directly recharge by transmitter


Officialy licensed

Crawler or chain drive

Only for outdoor use

Controlled via infrared

Controlled via 2.4 GHz

Number of channels

Number of channels and addition. functions

With LED light

LED light can be switched on/off


Power generation by solar cell | Producción

Safety Shutdown

4-Wheel Drive

German siren

With sound or music

Analog audio line

360° Flip possible

Automatic Gyroscopic tail stabilisation

Sound recording and playing

Signal light

Camera with video and photo function

Max. Payload for ad. devices

Self driven

Self flying not RC

Assembly kit

Ready to fly

Ready to run

Max. achievable speed

With Lithium-Ionen battery

With Lithium-Polymer battery

Product Video under www.jamara.com

Switchable speed modus

Die Cast

Alarm system

Electric drive

Electric brushless drive system

Splash proof

Self stab. 6 Axis gyro flight attitude adjustm.

3D capable, including inverted flight

3D capable, including inverted flight

Control/transfer on smartphone/tablet

Live Image transm. and steering in FPV mode

Electronic direction control - Headless

The model is able to keep the desired flight direction even if turning around it´s own axis.

Easy Back Funktion

Automatic orientation mode incl. flyback function. The model can keep the programmed flight direction even if turning around it´s own axis and by pressing the appropriate button flies back to you.

FPV = First Person View

The model shows the live camera image during the flight or drive directly on an LCD screen on the transmitter. The pilot has a visual perspective just as if he himself sitting in the model.


GPS module to determine the exact position of the model. Depending on the equipment, with GPS you can perform autonomous flights, patrol waypoints, automatic circling or precise hovering.

Altitude Hold Adjustment - Altitude

Altitude Hold Adjustment is a function that allows the model to maintain the predetermined altitude based on the measured air pressure by a barometer (or altimeter). The barometer measures on the basis of changes in air pressure, the height differences of the model and compensates automatically and unnoticeable. When activating the „Altitude Hold Adjustment mode“ during the flight the model maintains the set height.

Coming Home

Supported by GPS the model automatically flies back to the starting point.

Track following - Flugbahn-Planung-Modus

Paint with your finger a trajectory that your model will search for automatically.