Sandro Kaibach – most successful race weekend

05.08.2016 12:43

Race Driver Sandro Kaibach with his most successful race weekend - second in the standings after eight heats.

Red Bull Ring (A)/ Bad Waldsee/ Aichstetten (D). The first pole position of his career, third place in the first race and a sensational victory in the second race is the yield of Race Driver Sandro Kaibach from Bad Waldsee). 0.006 seconds (!) decided the victory fight in the Renault Clio Cup Central Europe at the Red Bull Ring - this is the most concise victory in the history of this brand trophy. Kaibach and Andreas Stucki drove side by side through the photo finish after both battled for victory in a very fair and sporty manner. Kaibach interviewed by Renault Sport: "I did not even know who won in the cool down lap.

It was so close. When we came side by side out the last corner I just floored the throttle and hoped that it is enough." The 18 year old Sandro Kaibach, sponsored by the company Jamara from Aichstetten, began his racing career in the Clio Cup Central Europe almost exactly one year ago at the Red Bull Ring. Kaibach continued: "I am relieved. It's special to win where you started your career a year ago.“ The next race is in four weeks, 19th to 21st of August, at the North Sea Zandvoort circuit in the main program of the ADAC GT Masters.

For the season finale on 1st and 2nd of October at Hockenheim Kaibach´s main sponsor Jamara has come up with something special. Jamara owner Manuel Natterer: "We will arrange a raffle and are giving away a fantastic racing day. The winner will receive hands-on experience as racing from the driver's perspective and how the pit lane looks". Details on the raffle will be announced in the coming weeks.

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