Model flying program - airplane model club in Freising

05.08.2016 13:47

On the 30th of July 2016, the youth model flying program was part of the annual holiday playscheme of the model airplane model club in Freising.

33 Youngsters participated and had the opportunity to get a taste of model flying. Controlling a model in the teacher/ pupil operation is indeed safe, but still a challenge for the aspiring model pilots as no one is born a master. And building a simple Glider was unfamiliar to many, the use of balsa wood and glue is not yet trivial.

Once again we had the luck of having great weather at the event. The Youngsters had great fun in constructing and then subsequently going for the first flight of their airplanes. Our association and especially our Youngsters are grateful for the assistance in providing a price for each participant who proved to be able to show off their performance.

Best wishes
W. T.

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