LED tube 1200mm 18W 4000k diffuse

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The Jamara LED tube is used via the 230V current and does not need any starter or ballast opposed to conventional fluorescent light tubes. Take advantage of the enormous energy savings. A commercially available fluorescent tube (150cm) requires about 58 watts. The comparable Jamara LED tube requires only 20 watts (!). The service life will amaze you. Over 50.000 hours (over 5 years) in continuous operation is not uncommon. During this time, up to 70% of energy and maintenance costs can be saved. Account on these savings incl. lower maintenance in the purchase price and after a short time the LED tube will be paid off.
The conversion is simple. With the removal of the starter or bypass the ballast (only with electronic ballasts required) the conversion is done and you will immediately benefit from the advantages of the Jamara LED tube.

- Up to 384 SMD LEDs
- No noise emission
- Up to 85% recyclable (no mercury)
- Minimum 10 times longer life
- Higher light output without wastage through an effective angle (~ 120 °)
- Photobiological safety (EN 62471)
- Up to 70% energy and maintenance cost savings compared to conventional fluorescent tubes
- Long durability
- Maintenance-free up to 50.000 hours
- High shock and vibration resistance
- Minimal heat output
- No UV or IR light rays
- Immediate full brightness after turning on (Soft-start <0.5 second)
- No flickering and humming
- No stroboscopic effect
- Solid and robust design
- Short amortization
- Produces 60% less CO2 emissions
- Depending on life time, very fast depreciated
- Easy disposal

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