Integration through work

23.09.2016 13:22

Owner Manuel Natterer (centre) with the two new employees Muhammed Jarju (left) and Yusupha Jammeh (right) from Gambia in the Jamara warehouse.

Integration through work

Two refugees from Gambia started working at Jamara this Summer. Yusupha Jammeh (24) and Muhammed Jarju (29) have found a new home in Germany over one year ago and are working in a warehousing and logistics position.

After the first few weeks at Jamara every move is already fast and accurate. Whether during loading and unloading the trucks or in sorting goods in the nearly 9000 square meters of storage space the workload gets easier to handle from day to day. In terms of communication Manuel Natterer, owner of Jamara, speaks out a very positive testimonial for Yusupha and Muhammed: "The language barrier is getting smaller by the day and by taking advantage of language schools we are on the right track.

From the beginning my collaboration was a matter of the heart, we wanted to contribute to the positive integration in the labour market and go ahead as a positive example, "said Natterer.

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