Honoring longtime staff

12.01.2017 08:09

JAMARA e.K. From Aichstetten honors long-term employees

Within the framework of the annual Christmas celebrations, 18 members of the staff were honored for their commitment and service.The professionalism and the high commitment of the employees have contributed to the positive development of JAMARA over the past years.For this, Erich Natterer, a member of the management, thanked the honored and emphasised that it is no longer self-evident in the fast-moving age that one can look at such a large permanent staff with many years of experience. This is of great importance to the family business JAMARA. In addition to the acceptance speech, there were also bouquets and gifts.

For 30 years JAMARA membership was honored: Mrs. W. Natterer. Six staff members celebrated the 25th anniversary of the service: Mr. G. Natterer, Mr. W. Gläsner, Mrs. M. Altfuldisch, Mrs. R. Franzesko, E. Wallnöfer, Mrs. K. Murzek. 20 years: Mrs R. Kämmerle. Mr. M. Krüger and Mr. W. Högg have been working in the company for 15 years. Mrs. B. Karl, Mrs. R. Kling and Mr. E. Wiedemann celebrated their 10th anniversary, and Mrs. S. Volkmer, Mrs. D. Natterer, Mrs. A. Leicht and Mrs. S. D'Andrade were honored for the five-year term of service.


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