Change of leadership at Jamara e.K. in Aichstetten

25.02.2015 15:24

Change of leadership at Jamara e.K. in Aichstetten

On the 15th of December 2014, Erich Natterer owner of Jamara e.K., transferred ownership to his son Manuel Natterer, who will continue the business. True to the motto “Family tradition continued” the generation transfer has been put into effect with changing the ownership being one part of the process. New owner of the wholesale business in Aichstetten is Manuel Natterer, son of the former owner Erich Natterer. Manuel Natterer is very familiar with the Jamara Company and has given signi cant contribution in develo- ping the structure with his father in the past ten years.

Based on the experience as a Junior Director, Jamara e.K. can continue to vouch for its known high quality and reliability. The approx. 120 strong Jamara Team, which has been taken over completely, will make sure to ful l your needs in the usual manner. The new owner is supported by his wife Diana Natterer, who takes care of the Warehouse incl. Logistics and Staff Management and his Sister Julia Just processing personnel accounting.

Despite the economic crisis in 2009 and the subsequent consolidation of the markets, the Allgäu based company was able to secure a leading position in the Hobby and Toys sector by continuing to grow the trusting collaboration between Customers, Employees and Owner. The company was able to successfully open a new market, especially regional, by adding the LED lighting technology in 2011.

Erich Natterer will continue to work for the company. He remains a member of the Executive Board of Jamara e.K. and represents in front of associations and interest groups. He also shares his knowledge as a lecturer. Since he founded the company in 1973, it grew from 100 to approx. 9500 square metre. Today the company employs around 120 Employees and has long exceeded the European trading borders.

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