Adapter 17/12mm 1:8 to 1:10 Al u 2pcs

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Wheel adapter 17/12 mm

Ord. No. 503558     Alu, 2 pieces

1:8 wheels to 1:10 vehicles

 Anodised Aluminium
 CNC machined
 Fits our 1:10th scale cars such as:
   Tiger Ice/Lightray/BL2/General/Liquid/Major/Voltage

Box Contents:
 2 Wheel Adapter
 2 Wheel Nuts small
 2 Wheel Nuts large

Bored of the unity look of the 1:10th scale Tire assortment? With this Adapter a complete new World is opened for your Car. The CNC milled Alu Adapter enables you to mount the 1:8th scale wheels. Trucks become true Monstertrucks and your Buggy is converted to a grown-up competiton Buggy. A unique look and transmission ratio is the result.
Attention! A higher wheel circumference might result in a higher wear of the gears. Changes to the gear transmission ratio and steering in regards to the body and chassis might be required.



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